1.  Deck Stores
    Mooring ropes, crane wires, anchor chains, metal plates, steel pipes & valves, rigging equipment.
  2.  Engine Stores
    Oil gaskets & seals, compression tees & couplings, ball bearings, filters, pressure gauges, packing & jointing materials.
  3.  Electrical Stores
    Lighting fixtures, bulbs, lamps, starters, multimeters & testers, circuit breakers, fuses cables, batteries etc.
  4. Safety Equipment
    Fire hoses, pyrotechnics, breathing apparatus, life rafts, life buoys & jackets, fire blankets etc.
  5.  General Consumables & Tools
    Hand & air tools, linen, tableware, galley utensils, cleaning materials, stationery, medical supplies.
  6.  Provisions and bonded stores
    Fresh, frozen, dried & canned foods, drinks, duty-free liquor and tobacco products, other daily necessities